Portuguese brand Laranjinha develops high-end clothing for babies and children from zero to eight years old. From underwear to accessories to clothing, the label tempts you with a wide-ranging collection that prides itself on the most exacting quality standards.

With a collection that combines the classic and the surprising, Laranjinha targets the medium to high-end segment. Soft powder tones and timeless lines dominate the label while natural, high-quality materials guarantee ultimate wear comfort, even for toddlers.

In addition to superb materials, the label aims to add refined details and a perfect finish. To this end, the collection is entirely manufactured in Portugal, still one of the top manufacturers of knitwear.

The collection combines fine detail with a clean cut, or contemporary embroidery with structured lines. Laranjinha exudes the power of simplicity without losing sight of the need for sophisticated class or a perfect fit. Pure lines set the tone with an elegant balance between soft colour themes and subtle accents.